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Trailer Park of Terror

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98 Minutes


Six troubled high school students and their chaperone are returning from a retreat when their bus crashes, stranding them in the middle of trailer park hell - literally. Without warning, hillbilly zombies looking for fun begin slaughtering the teens in gruesome fashtion. With a rockin' southern fried soundtrack, top-notch special effects and a devilish sense of humor, TRAILER PARK OF TERROR (based on the Imperium comic book series) is nasty fun for the hard-core horror fan.


Barry J. Ratcliffe
Brandon Ellison
Brock Cuchna
Chris Symonds
Cody Mcmains
Corby Sullivan
Corryn Cummins
Dale Dickey
Duane Whitaker
Duane Whitaker
Ed Corbin
Hayley Marie Norman
J.P. Manoux
Jeanette Brox
Lew Temple
Madonna Cacciatore
Matthew Del Negro
Michael Symonds
Michelle Lee
Myk Watford
Nichole Hiltz
Priscilla Barnes
Ricky Mabe
Ryan Carnes
Stefanie Black
Tom Lenk
Trace Adkins
Tracey Walter
Trisha Rae Stahl



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