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Brother Bear 2

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75 Minutes


We're back in an all-new movie, eh? Beauty. And not just us moose, but the large bear (that's Kenai) and his little brother bear (that's Koda) and also this new girl named Nita. She's a handful, eh? Nita knew Large Bear way back when he wasn't a bear. That was in the first movie, remember? Anyway, they thought they were gonna be together forever even though they get along like two angry beavers in a mud hut. Okay, so now the Great Spirits say they have to go on a great big, exciting journey to break the pact. So don't trample off. Join me and my brother oh, and there's a couple fetching moosettes in this story too for all sorts of laughs and wild adventure. (See what I did. I used the word "wild" 'cause we're out in the woods.) Beauty. It's gonna be tons of fun for the whole family, eh?


Andrea Martin
Benjamin Bryan
Catherine O'Hara
Dave Thomas
Jack Weber
Jason Marsden
Jeff Bennett
Jeremy Suarez
Jessie Flower
Jim Cummings
Kathy Najimy
Krista Swan
Michael Clarke Duncan
Olivier Baroux
Patrick Dempsey
Rick Moranis
Tress Macneille
Wanda Sykes
Wendie Malick



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