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Drop Zone

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101 Minutes


Wesley Snipes freefalls into the daredevil world of sky-diving in this high-octane thriller that takes crime-fighting to new heights. U.S. Marshal Pete Nessip (Snipes) finds his career in hot water when the prisoner he's transporting parachutes out of a 747 and disappears safely into the night with his deadly cohorts in two. While Nessip does his best to stop the bold escape, he can't stop the force from suspending him. But even this isn't enough to keep him out of action. Instead he does what he must to track down the cadre of techno terrorists – even if it means sky-diving from 30,000 feet in the air. Co-starring Gary Busey, Yancy Butler and Michael Jeter, Drop Zone is a rush that will keep your adrenaline pumping from beginning to end.


A.J. Ross
Al Israel
Andy Romano
Charles Boswell
Claire Stansfield
Clark Johnson
Corin Nemec
Ed Amatrudo
Gary Busey
Grace Zabriskie
J.P. Patrick
Kyle Secor
Luca Bercovici
Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Melanie Mayron
Michael Jeter
Mickey Jones
Natalie Jordan
Rex Linn
Rick Zieff
Robert Lasardo
Steve Dumouchel
Wesley Snipes
Yancy Butler



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