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The Delta Force

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125 Minutes


"Delta Force" is based upon the June, 1985 hijacking of a TWA jet, where passengers were held at gun-point by Iran-sympathetic Lebanese terrorists in Beirut. The film re-enacts various real life incidents from the crisis — an American serviceman is beaten to death, a terrorist holds a gun to the pilot's head as the pilot is being questioned by reporters — while depicting the tension aboard the plane and the agony of the passengers, held under the threat of death by the terrorists. The Delta Force, a crack anti-terrorist commando group, is preparing to rescue the passengers. Colonel Nick Alexander (Lee Marvin) is the grizzled commander of the task force; his best soldier is Major Scott McCoy (Chuck Norris), who was planning to retire but is called back into action for one last heroic stand against terrorism.


Aaron Kaplan
Adib Jahschan
Assi Dayan
Avi Loziah
Bj Davis
Bo Svenson
Bob Levit
Caroline Langford
Charles Grant
Chelli Goldberg
Chris Ellia
Chuck Norris
David Menachem
Elki Jacobs
Eric Norris
Gael Lehrer
George Kennedy
Haim Sirafi
Hank Leininger
Hanna Schygulla
Howard Jackson (Ii)
Jacques Cohen
Jerry Hyman
Jerry Lazarus
Jerry Weinstock
Joey Bishop
Kim Delaney
Lainie Kazan
Lee Marvin
Martin Balsam
Marvin Freedman
Menahem Einy
Mosko Alkalai
Natalie Roth
Panos Nicolaou
Robert Forster
Robert Vaughn
Shaike Ophir
Shelley Winters
Steve James
Susan Strasberg
Uri Gavriel
William Wallace
Yehuda Efroni
Zipora Peled



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