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Jekyll + Hyde

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97 Minutes


In this terrifying, contemporary new version of Robert Louis Stevenson's renowned tale of good and evil, two medical students, Jay and Mary, take their desire to be different to a frightening new level. They begin experimenting with a strange drug similar to ecstasy and their personalities quickly start to unravel in ways they can't control. Even though tragedy unexpectedly strikes, Jay keeps altering the drug, unaware of how it is taking over every aspect of his life and the essence of who he is. His terrifying descent is chronicled in bizarre video diaries that ultimately reveal to everyone the maddening game they dared to play.


Adam Macdonald
Amanda Row
Boyd Banks
Bree Turner
Bryan Fisher
Crystal Ash
Ean Thorley
Erin Davis
Jamie Chirgwin
Jeff Roop
Kate Kelton
Katrina Matthews
Kenner Ames
Landy Cannon
Laura Decarteret
Maria Del Mar
Marium Carvell
Nenna Abuwa
Robyn Palmer
Zachary Bennett



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