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Sister Act

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100 Minutes


Whoopi Goldberg shakes things up in a Catholic convent where she hides out before testifying as a key witness in a murder trial. Hidden in a Catholic convent after revealing her boyfriend's part in a murder, lounge singer Whoopi drives the Reverend Mother crazy--until she finds her calling using her vocal talents to help transform the pitiful church choir.


Adrienne-Joi Johnson
Beth Fowler
Bill Nunn
Carmen Zapata
Charlotte Crossley
Desreta Jackson
Edith Diaz
Ellen Dow
Harvey Keitel
Jenifer Lewis
Jeremy Roberts
Jim Beaver
Joseph Maher
Kathy Najimy
Lois De Banzie
Maggie Smith
Mary Wickes
Michael Durrell
Mike Jolly
Nicky Katt
Pat Crawford Brown
Prudence Wright Holmes
Richard Portnow
Robert Miranda
Ruth Kobart
Skye Bassett
Susan Browning
Toni Kalem
Wendy Makkena
Whoopi Goldberg
Zatella Beatty



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