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Funny Bones

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128 Minutes


Struggling in the shadow of his famous comedian father (world-renowned entertainer Jerry Lewis), a young comic (Oliver Platt) retreats to his old hometown when his act bombs in Las Vegas. Ready to try anything for inspiration, he's in for more than a few surprises before learning that his own eccentric family is the best material for a perfect act!


Andy Rashleigh
Anthony Irvine
Benji Ming
Christopher Greet
Eileen Bell
Fran├žois Domange
Frank Cox
Fred Cox
Fred Evans
Freddie Davies
Gavin Millar
George Carl
George Khan
George Raistrick
Harold Nicholas
Ian Mcneice
Jerry Lewis
Lee Evans
Leslie Caron
Nicholas Coppin
Oliver Platt
Oliver Reed
Olivier Py
Peter Gunn
Peter Martin
Peter Mcnamara
Peter Pamela Rose
Phil Atkinson
Richard Griffiths
Richard Platt
Rusty Goffe
Ruta Lee
Ruth Kettlewell
Sadie Corre
Terence Rigby
Ticky Holgado
Tony Barton
Tony Peers
William Hootkins



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