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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask

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88 Minutes


In the early 1970s, Dr. David Reuben wrote a very serious sex- instruction manual which became a best-seller. Confronted with this epic of instructional erotica, Woody Allen decided to adapt this book to the screen, which was divided into a number of individual 'topic episodes,' such as 'Do Aphrodisiacs Work?' (this episode has a classy Shakespearean tone), 'What is Sodomy?', 'Why Some Women Have Trouble Reaching Orgasm,' 'Are Transvestites Homosexuals?' and a grand finale: 'What Happens During Ejaculation?' in which Tony Randall is an inside- the-body sperm-bank operator who sends Woody out as Sperm No. 2--an excellent position--except that almost-triumphant sperm Woody finds himself up against a 400-foot diaphragm!... Also starring John Carradine, Burt Reynolds, Lynn Redgrave and Regis Philbin.


Alan Caillou
Anthony Quayle
Burt Reynolds
Don Chuy
Dort Clark
Gene Wilder
Geoffrey Holder
Heather Macrae
Jack Barry
John Carradine
Lou Jacobi
Louise Lasser
Lynn Redgrave
Oscar Beregi Jr.
Pamela Mason
Ref Sanchez
Regis Philbin
Robert Q. Lewis
Robert Q. Lewis
Sidney Miller
Stanley Adams
Tom Mack
Toni Holt
Tony Randall
Woody Allen



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