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Cool Hand Luke

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126 Minutes


When Luke Jackson is arrested for drunkenly vandalizing parking meters, he is sentenced to serve time on a prison chain gang. Although the warden, guards and prisoners all try to break Luke's spirit upon his arrival, it soon becomes clear that Luke is not about to play by anyone else's rules. He eventually earns the respect of his fellow inmates by refusing to back down in a fight, and he earns their friendship by figuring out a way for them to get their hard labor done in half the time. Luke eventually becomes a symbol of hope and resilience for his fellow prisoners, but the more he becomes revered by the inmates, the more he becomes a symbol of rebelliousness that must be stamped out by the guards and the warden.


Anthony Zerbe
Buck Kartalian
Charles Tyner
Chuck Hicks
Clifton James
Dennis Hopper
George Kennedy
Harry Dean Stanton
J. D. Cannon
James Gammon
James Jeter
Jo Van Fleet
Joe Don Baker
John Mcliam
Joy Harmon
Lou Antonio
Luke Askew
Marc Cavell
Morgan Woodward
Paul Newman
Ralph Waite
Rance Howard
Richard Davalos
Robert Donner
Robert Drivas
Strother Martin
Warren Finnerty
Wayne Rogers



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