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Nine to Five

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110 Minutes


In this witty, satirical farce, secretaries Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and office manager Lily Tomlin live every female worker's dream after discovering they share the same resentment towards their egotistical, sexist boss (Dabney Coleman). When they get an unexpected chance to take revenge, they turn their male controlled workplace into a model office - even as their scheme spins wildly out of control.


Alan Haufrect
Barbara Chase
Dabney Coleman
Dolly Parton
Earl Boen
Edward Marshall
Elizabeth Wilson
Henry Jones
Jane Fonda
Jeffrey Douglas Thomas
Lawrence Pressman
Lily Tomlin
Marian Mercer
Michael Delano
Norma Donaldson
Peggy Pope
Ray Vitte
Renn Woods
Richard Stahl
Roxanna Bonilla-Giannini
Sterling Hayden
Tom Tarpey



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