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Resident Evil: Apocalypse

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94 Minutes


After narrowly escaping the horrors of the underground Hive facility, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is quickly thrust back into a war raging above ground between the living and the Undead. As the city is locked down under quarantine, Alice joins a small band of elite soldiers, led by Valentine (Sienna Guillory, Love, Actually) and Carlos (Oded Fehr, The Mummy Returns), enlisted to rescue the missing daughter of Dr. Ashford, the creator of the mutating T-virus. Its a heart-pounding race against time as the group faces off against hordes of blood- thirsty zombies, stealthy Lickers, mutant canines and the most sinister foe yet. Written and produced by the visionary director of Resident Evil, Paul W. S. Anderson (Alien Vs. Predator) and directed by Alexander Witt, Resident Evil: Apocalypse is a superior sci-fi suspense sequel.


Aaron Abrams
Alex Courey
Amber Marshall
Ana Danilina
Annabel Chu
Billy Khoury
Billy Parrott
Bobby Prochaska
Brad Borbridge
Brian King
Catherine Burdon
Chris Benson
Christopher Marren
Christopher Weedon
Dan Ellery
Dave Nichols
Dean Copkov
Deborah Valente
Derek Aasland
Dionne Renee
Ed Fielding
Eric Mabius
Eric Morgan
Frank Chiesurin
Garry Geddes
Gene Pyrz
Geny Walters
Geoffrey Pounsett
Gregory White
Heather Braaten
Heather Dick
Iain Glen
Ingrid Johansson
Janessa Crimi
Jared Harris
Jazz Mann
Jeff White
Jeffrey Weedon
Jim Codrington
Jo Chim
Joan Moore
Joey Beck
Joey Jefferson
John Detoro
Kevin Hare
Larissa Gomes
Malcolm Fiddick
Malcolm Xerxes
Martin Martinuzzi
Matthew G. Taylor
Megan Fahlenbock
Melanie Tonello
Michelle Latimer
Michelle Latimer
Michy Gustavia
Mike Epps
Milla Jovovich
Natalie Charles
Nicole Ann St. Hill
Oded Fehr
Peter C. Wylde
Pierre Henry
Pierre Henry
Razaaq Adoti
Rebecca Sims
Ricardo Betancourt
Richard Harte
Rob Hall
Robert Morelli
Roman Podhora
Ron Benjamin
Sandi Stahlbrand
Sandrine Holt
Sava Drayton
Shane Mackinnon
Sharon Moore
Shaun Austin-Olsen
Sienna Guillory
Simon Girard
Sophie Vavasseur
Stefan Hayes
Stephen R. Hart
Ted Ludzik
Thomas Kretschmann
Tim Burd
Tom Gerhardt
Torquil Colbo
Venice Grant
Zack Ward



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