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Little Tough Guy

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86 Minutes


When labor activist Jim Boylan is sentenced to death for a crime he didn't committ, his son Johnny decides to become a criminal in revenge. He gathers together his friends Pig, String, Sniper, and Dopey to form his own street gang. The group goes on a crime spree, financed by mysterious thrill-seeking rich kid Cyril. During a robbery headed by Cyril, Johnny and Pig are trapped by the cops. Pig is shot dead. Cyril actually is the son of the District Attorney who convicted Jimmy's father. Cyril, Jimmy, String, Sniper, and Dopey are all sent to reform school, where Jimmy decides to go straight.


Bernard Punsly
Billy Halop
David Gorcey
Edward Pawley
Gabriel Dell
Hal E. Chester
Helen Mackellar
Helen Parrish
Huntz Hall
Jackie Searl
Marjorie Main
Olin Howland
Pat C. Flick
Peggy Stewart
Robert Wilcox



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