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102 Minutes


The most dangerous and exciting car race in the universe is held only once every five years. And that's tonight. The competitors are lined up at the starting block. In his vehicle, JP, the most daredevil driver on the circuit, is ready for the green light. Female driver Sonoshee, with whom he is secretly in love, is also on the starting line. She will stop at nothing to get on to that podium. In this race, not only is anything possible, but also anything is allowed. In fact, their adversaries have modified their vehicles to equip them with highly destructive weapons; with such participants, it is hardly surprising that Redline is forbidden by the authorities, who will try anything to halt the proceedings. These speed addicts have to put themselves in mortal danger to achieve their aim: eternal glory for those who finally mount the podium.


Amanda Celine Miller
Christine Marie Cabanos
Christopher Corey Smith
Dave Mallow
David Lodge
Derek Stephen Prince
Doug Erholtz
Erika Harlacher
J. B. Blanc
Jamieson Price
Jason Wishnov
Joe J. Thomas
Joey Morris
Kanji Tsuda
Keith Silverstein
Ken'yû Horiuchi
Kenta Miyake
Kyle Hebert
Laura Post
Liam O'Brien
Michael Forest
Michael Mcconnohie
Michelle Ruff
Patrick Seitz
Paul St. Peter
Sam Riegel
Spike Spencer
Steve Kramer
Tadanobu Asano
Takeshi Aono
Takuya Kimura
Tatsuya Gashûin
Tony Oliver
Unshō Ishizuka
Victor Sgroi
Wendee Lee
Yoshinori Okada
Yoshiyuki Morishita
Yû Aoi
Yûichi Nagashima



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