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Vera Drake

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125 Minutes


Living in England in the 1950s, Vera Drake is a selfless woman completely devoted to her working-class family. A natural-born caregiver, she also spends time caring for her sick neighbor and elderly mother. And although the practice is illegal, she also secretly helps desperate women induce miscarriages for unwanted pregnancies. Vera does not see herself as a criminal, however; she is simply helping women in medical need, and she always does so with a smile and kind words of encouragement. But when the authorities finally discover what she has been doing, Vera's world and family life begin to unravel rapidly. Starring Academy Award and Golden Globe-nominee Imelda Staunton ("Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," "Shakespeare in Love") in the title role. Also starring Academy Award and Golden Globe-winner Jim Broadbent ("Inkheart," "Hot Fuzz") and Eddie Marsan ("V for Vendetta," "Hancock").


Adrian Scarborough
Alan Williams
Alex Kelly
Allan Corduner
Angela Curran
Angie Wallis
Anna Keaveney
Anthony O'Donnell
Billie Cook
Billy Seymour
Chris O'Dowd
Craig Conway
Daniel Mays
Eddie Marsan
Eileen Davies
Elizabeth Berrington
Emma Amos
Fenella Woolgar
Gerard Monaco
Heather Cameron-Mclintock
Heather Craney
Helen Coker
Imelda Staunton
Jake Wood
Jane Wood
Jeffry Wickham
Jim Broadbent
Joanna Griffiths
Judith Scott
Leo Bill
Lesley Manville
Lesley Sharp
Liz White
Marion Bailey
Martin Savage
Nicholas Jones
Nicky Henson
Nina Fry
Paul Jesson
Paul Raffield
Peter Wight
Phil Davis
Richard Graham
Robert Putt
Rosie Cavaliero
Ruth Sheen
Sally Hawkins
Sam Troughton
Sandra Voe
Sid Mitchell
Simon Chandler
Sinead Matthews
Tilly Vosburgh
Tom Ellis
Tracy O'Flaherty
Vincent Franklin
Vinette Robinson
Wendy Nottingham



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