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128 Minutes


A "clocker" is a 24-hour drug dealer, and Strike (Mekhi Phifer) is the hardest-working one on the streets. But for Strike, time is running out. When the local drug kingpin (Delroy Lindo) tips Strike off about an opportunity for advancement, a rival dealer ends up dead, and Strike suddenly finds himself caught between two homicide detectives. One is Mazilli (John Turturro), who's only looking for an easy bust. The other is Rocco (Harvey Keitel), who's looking for something much harder to find - the truth - and when Strike's law-abiding brother confesses to the murder, Rocco vows not to rest until he's sure the real shooter is behind bars. Director Spike Lee, producer Martin Scorsese and writer Richard Price, along with music by Seal, Marc Dorsey, Des'ree and Chaka Khan, deliver a film so riveting, you'll feel it grab you by the collar and toss you into the middle of an urban battlefield, prompting Jeffrey Lyons of Sneak Previews to call it "One of 1995's most powerful films."


Anthony Nocerino
Arthur J. Nascarella
Bray Poor
Brendan Kelly
Brian Konowal
Calvin Hart
Carlo Vogel
Christopher Wynkoop
Craig Mcnulty
David Batiste
David Evanson
Delroy Lindo
Donald Stephenson
Elvis Nolasco
Frances Foster
Freddie Velez
Fredro Starr
Gerald King
Ginny Yang
Graham Brown
Hal Sherman
Harry Lennix
Harvey Keitel
Harvey Williams
Hassan Johnson
Isaac Flower
Isaiah Washington
J.C. Mackenzie
James Saxenmeyer
Jeff Ward
Joanna Gardner
John Fletcher
John Fletcher
John Turturro
Jordan Brown
Keith David
Ken Garito
Kirk Jones
L.B. Williams
Larry Mullane
Lawrence B. Adisa
Leonard L. Thomas
Lisa Arrindell Anderson
Lord Kayson
Mar'qus Sample
Mar'qus Sample
Mar'rece Sample
Marc Webster
Mark Howard
Martin Jaffe
Maurice Sneed
Mekhi Phifer
Michael Badalucco
Michael Cullen
Michael Imperioli
Michael Marchetta
Michael Mcgruther
Michael Shepherd
Mike Starr
Norman Matlock
Orran Farmer
Patrick Ferraro
Paul Calderon
Paul Dubois
Paul Schulze
Peewee Love
Regina Taylor
Richard Ziman
Rick Aiello
Ron Brice
Ronda Fowler
Ronta Davis
Scot Anthony Robinson
Shawn Mclean
Skipp Sudduth
Spike Lee
Steve White
Thomas Jefferson Byrd
Tim Kelleher
Wayne Muhammed



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