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American Gigolo

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117 Minutes


Companion Julian Kay is on the prowl and looking for someone to please. Boyish and sensual, he speaks five or six languages, and is equally comfortable as a chauffeur for a wealthy middle-aged matron, and as a translator/companion for the lonely wife of an executive. He is the American Gigolo. But Julian's love-for-sale lifestyle turns deadly when a client is murdered and Julian becomes the prime suspect. Richard Gere is electrifying as Julian in this stylish, sexually charged drama from Paul Schrader (Light Sleeper, Cat People). Costarring Lauren Hutton.


Barry Satterfield
Betty Canter
Bill Duke
Bob Jardine
Brent Dunsford
Brian Davies
Carlo Alonso
Carol Bruce
Carole Cook
David Cryer
Dawn Adams
Eugene Jackson
Faye Michael Nuell
Frances Bergen
Frank Pesce
Gordon Haight
Gordon W. Grant
Harris Weingart
Harry Davis
Héctor Elizondo
James Currie
Jessica Potter
John H. Lowe
John Hammerton
Judith Ransdell
K Callan
Kopi Sotiropulos
Laura Gile
Lauren Hutton
Leoda Richards
Linda Horn
Macdonald Carey
Maggie Jean Smith
Mary Helen Barro
Michael Goyak
Michele Drake
Nanette Tarpey
Nina Van Pallandt
Norman Stevans
Pamela Fong
Patricia Carr
Peter Turgeon
Randy Stokey
Richard Derr
Richard Gere
Robert Wightman
Roma Alvarez
Ron Cummins
Sam L. Nickens
Tom Stewart
William Dozier
William Valdez



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