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Runaway Jury

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127 Minutes


From master storyteller John Grisham and the director of Don't Say A Word comes a taut suspense-thriller that grabs hold of you, and never lets go. When a young widow in New Orleans brings a civil suit against the powerful corporate consortium she holds responsible for her husband's murder, she sets in motion a multi-million dollar case. It's a suit that may be won even before it begins however, based solely on the selection, manipulation, and ultimately, the attempted "theft" of the jury. With lives and millions of dollars at stake, the fixer plays a deadly cat-and-mouse game with a jury member (John Cusack) and a mysterious woman (Rachel Weisz) who offer to "deliver" the verdict to the highest bidder. Academy Award winner Dustin Hoffman stars as idealistic prosecutor Wendell Rohr, and Gene Hackman takes on the role of ruthless jury consultant Rankin Fitch. Packed with danger, intrigue and pulse-pounding twists and turns, Runaway Jury rules!


Adella Gautier
Afemo Omilami
Andrea Powell
Barret O'Brien
Bernard Hocke
Bill Nunn
Bruce Davison
Bruce Mcgill
Carol Sutton
Cedric Pendleton
Celia Weston
Christopher Mankiewicz
Claudia Coffee
Cliff Curtis
Corri English
Danny Kamin
David Dwyer
David Jensen
David Ramsey
Deacon Dawson
Deneen Tyler
Don Henderson Baker
Don Hood
Douglas M. Griffin
Dustin Hoffman
Dylan Mcdermott
Ed Nelson
Elizabeth Omilami
Elliott Street
Eric Paulsen
Fahnlohnee R. Harris
Gary Grubbs
Gene Hackman
Gerry Bamman
Guy Torry
Harvey Reaves
Henry Darrow
Irene Ziegler
Jason Davis
Jennifer Beals
Jeremy Piven
Joanna Going
Joe Chrest
John Cusack
Juanita Jennings
Lance E. Nichols
Lara Grice
Leland Orser
Lori Heuring
Luis Guzmán
Marco St. John
Marcus Hester
Margaret Lawhon
Margo Moorer
Marguerite Moreau
Mark Jeffrey Miller
Mark Krasnoff
Michael Arata
Mike Pniewski
Ned Bellamy
Nestor Serrano
Nick Searcy
Nora Dunn
Orlando Jones
Perry Brown
Peter Jurasik
Rachel Weisz
Rhoda Griffis
Rusty Schwimmer
Shannon Eubanks
Stanley Anderson
Stuart Greer
Ted Manson
Wayne Ferrara
Wayne Roberts
Zach Hanner



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