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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

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125 Minutes


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is the feature film that followed the cult television series Twin Peaks by David Lynch. The movie involves the mysterious murder of a girl named Laura Palmer and the small quiet town of Twin Peaks that is turned upside-down after her death. Essentially a prequel to David Lynch and Mark Frost's earlier TV series "Twin Peaks." The first half-hour or so concerns the investigation by FBI Agent Chet Desmond (Chris Isaak) and his partner Sam Stanley (Kiefer Sutherland) into the murder of night-shift waitress Teresa Banks in the small Washington state town of Deer Meadow.


Al Strobel
Andrea Hays
Anne Gaybis
Audra L. Cooper
C.H. Evans
Calvin Lockhart
Carlton Lee Russell
Catherine E. Coulson
Chris Isaak
Chris Pedersen
Chuck Mcquary
Dana Ashbrook
David Bowie
David Brisbin
David Lynch
Elizabeth Mccarthy
Eric Dare
Frances Bay
Frank Silva
G. Kenneth Davidson
Garrison Hershberger
Gary Bullock
Grace Zabriskie
Harry Dean Stanton
Heather Graham
Ingrid Brucato
James Marshall
James Parks
Jane Jones
Joan Chen
Joe Berman
John Hoobler
John Nelson
Jon Huck
Jonathan J. Leppell
Joseph 'Simon' Szeibert
Joseph L. Altruda
Julee Cruise
Jürgen Prochnow
Karin Robison
Kiefer Sutherland
Kyle Maclachlan
Lenny Von Dohlen
Lorna Macmillan
Mädchen Amick
Margaret Adams
Michael J. Anderson
Miguel Ferrer
Mike Malone
Moira Kelly
Paige Bennett
Pamela Gidley
Peggy Lipton
Philip Anagnos
Phoebe Augustine
Ray Wise
Rick Aiello
Robert Bauer
Sandra Kinder
Sheryl Lee
Smokey Hormel
Steven Hodges
Victor Rivers
Walter Olkewicz
William Ungerman
Yvonne Roberts



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