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64 Minutes


A carnival barker displays a sideshow freak called the Feathered Hen and tells her story. Cleopatra, a trapeze artist with the carnival, is adored by a midget named Hans. Frieda, Hans' fiancée (also a midget), warns Hans that Cleopatra is only interested in him so that he will give her money. Cleopatra has an affair with Hercules, and when Frieda lets it slip that Hans is to come into an inheritance, Cleopatra and Hercules plan to get the money be having Cleopatra marry Hans. During the wedding reception, Cleopatra, although openly romantic with Hercules, is accepted by the freaks, but is revolted and mocks them. The freaks decide that they no longer need Hercules in their carnival and have a new career for Cleopatra all lined up, and make sure she doesn't 'chicken' out.


Angelo Rossitto
Daisy Earles
Daisy Hilton
Edgar Allan Woolf
Elizabeth Green
Elvira Snow
Frances O'Connor
Harry Earles
Henry Victor
Jenny Lee Snow
Jerry Austin
Johnny Eck
Josephine Joseph
Koo Koo
Leila Hyams
Martha Morris
Olga Baclanova
Olga Roderick
Peter Robinson
Prince Randian
Roscoe Ates
Rose Dione
Violet Hilton
Wallace Ford



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