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Alien Hunter

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92 Minutes


James Spader stars as Julian Rome, a fading expert in cryptology and extraterrestrial intelligence. His career slide is interrupted when he's called to Antarctica to aid a group of geneticists whose top-secret base of operations has been compromised by the discovery of an enormous extraterrestrial object embedded in ice, which gives off a powerful and mysterious code he may be able to decipher. Julian realizes that going to Antarctica may be his last chance to pick up the pieces of his career, and possibly rekindle his relationship with ex-fiancee Kate Brecher (Janine Eser), one of the researchers on the project. Standing in the way is the dangerous and disarming Dr. Michael Straub (John Lynch), whose growing madness compromises the safety of all, but who may just be the unintentional catalyst for a startling step in human evolution.


Aimee Graham
Anthony Crivello
Atanas Atanasov
Atanas Srebrev
Bert Emmett
Carl Lewis
Dobrin Dosev
Franklin A. Vallette
George Stanchev
Harry Anichkin
Hristo Aleksandrov
Hristo Shopov
James Spader
Janine Eser
Joel Polis
John Lynch
Kaloian Vodenicharov
Keir Dullea
Leslie Stefanson
Marianne Stanicheva
Nikolai Binev
Ron Krauss
Ross W. Clarkson
Roy Dotrice
Rufus Dorsey
Stuart Charno
Svetla Vasileva
Tyrone Pinkham
Velimir Velev
William Ladd Skinner
Willie Botha
Woody Schultz



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