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Vacancy 2: The First Cut

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86 Minutes


Experience the gruesome beginnings of Mr. Smith and his hotel of horrors in this terrifying prequel to Vacancy, starring Agnes Bruckner (Murder by Numbers). Suspecting only a night of hard beds and tacky décor, Caleb, his sexy new fiancée Jessica and his sarcastic best friend Tanner, check into the Meadow View Inn. They have no idea that it is not just another lonely motel, but a horrific trap where guests are brutally tortured and murdered while the sadistic maniac Mr. Smith and his greedy accomplices film the grisly slayings for profit. Caught in a deadly game or cat and mouse, the three young friends now must fight to survive.


Agnes Bruckner
Arjay Smith
Beau Billingslea
Brian Klugman
David Moscow
Gwendoline Yeo
Juanita Jennings
Judy Durning
Nelson Lee
Trevor Wright



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