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97 Minutes


LOL? It means "laughing out loud" in text language. It is also the name that Lola's friends have given her. However, when it is time to go back to school after summer break, Lola doesn't feel much like laughing. Arthur, her boyfriend, provokes her by telling her that he cheated on her over the summer. And her gang of pals is very gifted at complicating matters. Just like her mother, Anne, with whom life has become impossible, and not only because she has no idea what LOL means. That her parents have divorced is one thing, but that Anne treats her teenage daughter like a child, by lying to her about basic things - like the fact that she is still seeing her ex-partner on the sly, or that a cop is interested in her - is another. As for Anne, she wonders what on earth has happened to her sweet little daughter. From fusion to confusion, mother-daughter relationships simmer with love and plenty of LOL.


Aaron Rowlands
Abbie Dunn
Adam G. Sevani
Amanda Wright
Apollo Bacala
Arnold Agee
Ashley Greene
Ashley Hinshaw
Austin Nichols
Barbara Szeman
Brady Tutton
Bridget Brown
Bryan Matti
Cara Annmarie
Chameria Law
Chris Astoyan
Christina M. Bender
Delphine Pontvieux
Demi Kazanis
Demi Moore
Dennis North
Dervis Lici
Don Kress
Douglas Booth
Dwayne Roszkowski
Elias Bahri
Eric Tuchelske
Ewan Bourne
Fisher Stevens
George Finn
Gina Gershon
Jay Harper
Jay Hernandez
Jean-Luc Bilodeau
Jim Carrane
Joe Kras
Leisa Pulido
Lina Esco
Loretta Higgins
Lynnette Gaza
Mark Bonto
Marlo Thomas
Michelle Burke
Mike Ancrile
Miley Cyrus
Nora Dunn
Pennie-Marie Hawkins
Ron Causey
Russell Steinberg
Sam Derence
Tedra Millan
Thomas Jane



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