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Just My Luck

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103 Minutes


From the director of How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, comes this funny, twist-of-fate comedy! Lindsay Lohan lights up the screen as Ashley, the luckiest girl in Manhattan. But little does she know, her good fortune is about to change. When Ashley shares a kiss at a party with Jake, a bad luck magnet, they miraculously switch paths. Suddenly Ashley is plagued by one hilarious disaster after another, and Jake is headed for fame instead of failure! As she desperately races to find Jake and reverse her misfortune, Ashley discovers that her terrible twist-of-fate is the luckiest thing that ever happened to her.


Ameer Baraka
Anne Ewen
Bree Turner
Carlos Ponce
Chris Pine
Dane Rhodes
Danny Jones
Dougie Poynter
Faizon Love
Hannah Tointon
Harry Judd
Ira Hawkins
J.C. Sealy
Jaqueline Fleming
Lindsay Lohan
Makenzie Vega
Marcus Hester
Mikki Val
Missi Pyle
Samaire Armstrong
Tom Fletcher
Tovah Feldshuh



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