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Pillow Talk

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102 Minutes


Rock Hudson and Doris Day, two of the screen's most popular and enduring stars, light up the screen in Pillow Talk. When Jan Morrow (Day), uptight interior decorator, is forced to share a party line with carefree playboy Brad Allen (Hudson), there's no connection between them. But when the two accidentally meet, the smitten Brad pretends to be a wealthy Texan, wooing Jan with seductive late-night calls. Their phone line is sizzling until Jan discovers her caller's true identity and calls his bluff. Nominated for five Academy Awards® including Best Actress, this enjoyable romp co-stars Tony Randall (TV's "The Odd Couple") and is the film that brought Rock Hudson and Doris Day together for the first time!


Allen Jenkins
Doris Day
Hayden Rorke
Julia Meade
Lee Patrick
Lois Rayman
Marcel Dalio
Nick Adams
Robert Williams
Rock Hudson
Thelma Ritter
Tony Randall
Valerie Allen
William Schallert



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