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Personal Effects

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110 Minutes


Walter was a rising star in the NCAA wrestling world until the brutal murder of his sister. He seeks vengeance on the man who is accused of the crime and by chance meets a beautiful woman which leads to a romance that could tear both families apart.


Aleks Paunovic
Alissa Skovbye
Anna Mae Routledge
Ashton Kutcher
Brian Markinson
Brock Johnson
Bruce Harwood
Chris Webb
David Lewis
Dean Wray
Forbes Angus
Gale Van Cott
Gary Chalk
Gurdeep Beesla
Jake Ledoux
Jay Brazeau
Jennifer Chan
Joe Costa
John Mann
Justin Abdou
Kathy Bates
Keith Dallas
Kyle Toy
Mary Black
Michelle Hewitt-Williams
Michelle Pfeiffer
Nico Mceown
Rob Labelle
Sarah Lind
Sarah Strange
Serge Houde
Sonal Chopria
Spencer Hudson
Stephen Dunlop
Steve Elliot
Tom Pickett



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