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2001: A Space Odyssey

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149 Minutes


A pair of astronauts heads to Jupiter to investigate a radio signal sent from a mysterious monolith on the moon, but their tranquil trip is endangered when their on-board computer begins acting oddly. The simple plot of director Stanley Kubrick's inspired space adventure (co-scripted with noted science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke) belies the profound philosophical implications of this classic film, which inspires viewers to ask questions about the nature of advanced civilizations . . . and of human consciousness. Nearly half a century after its release, the film's groundbreaking special effects are still breathtaking, and its ending still mind-bending.


Alan Gifford
Andy Wallace
Ann Gillis
Bill Weston
Bob Wilyman
Brian Hawley
Chela Matthison
Daniel Richter
Danny Grover
Darryl Paes
David Charkham
David Fleetwood
David Hines
Douglas Rain
Ed Bishop
Edwina Carroll
Frank Miller
Gary Lockwood
Glenn Beck
Heather Downham
Jimmy Bell
Joe Refalo
John Ashley
John Jordan
Jonathan Daw
Judy Kiern
Keir Dullea
Laurence Marchant
Leonard Rossiter
Maggie D'Abo
Margaret Tyzack
Mike Lovell
Penny Brahms
Péter Delmár
Richard Woods
Robert Beatty
Scott Mackee
Sean Sullivan
Simon Davis
Terry Duggan
Tony Jackson
William Sylvester



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