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Scenes from a Mall

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89 Minutes


SCENES FROM A MALL teams up comedy's ultimate mix of combustible fun -- Bette Midler and Woody Allen! She's a best-selling pop psychologist and he's a high-powered sports lawyer. During a shopping spree in an upscale mall, this Beverly Hills duo's seemingly happy marriage takes an outlandish turn for the worse when they try to work out some of their marital differences -- and it ends up costing them lots more than they bargained for. You'll cash in on a great deal of fun when you check out this hilarious adventure about marriage, infidelity, and bargain shopping!


Amanda Bruce
Bette Midler
Bill Irwin
Daren Firestone
Darrell Mason
Gregory Moore
Jack Brodsky
Joan Delaney
Jonathan Guss
Paul Mazursky
Rebecca Nickels
Woody Allen



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