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Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol

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88 Minutes


The "boys in blue" are back for this fourth installment of the immensely popular "Police Academy" series. This time our favorite crimebusters face yet another major challenge when they attempt to train a group of oddball civilians to help control community crime which leads to both disastrous and hilarious results. Join Academy Award-nominee and Golden Globe-winner Sharon Stone ("Basic Instinct," "The Mighty"), Steve Guttenberg ("Three Men & a Baby," "Diner") and the whole gang in another deliriously hilarious adventure that's guaranteed to be a winner.


Arnie Hardt
Billie Bird
Bobcat Goldthwait
Brian Backer
Brian Tochi
Bubba Smith
Colleen Camp
Corinne Bohrer
David Graf
David Spade
Don Ritchie
G. W. Bailey
George Gaynes
Jack Creley
Lance Kinsey
Larry Schwartz
Leslie Easterbrook
Marion Ramsey
Megan Smith-Harris
Michael Winslow
Michelle Duquet
Scott Thomson
Sharon Stone
Steve Caballero
Steve Guttenberg
Tab Thacker
Tim Kazurinsky
Tony Hawk



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