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Big Top Pee-Wee

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86 Minutes


In Big Top Pee-Wee, I live on a country farm where I feed my barnyard animals pancake breakfasts and work on top-secret botanical experiments with my pet pig, Vance. One day a storm blows an entire circus into my yard! There's wild animals and all kinds of cool circus stuff - especially the trapeze artist, Gina. She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen! She's the most beautiful girl I've ever kissed, too!! That's probably why my fiancée, Winnie, gets so angry. Let me tell you, one torrid love triangle in a lifetime is plenty for anyone! It all works out great, eventually, and I even get to be in the circus! Sawdust, glitter and excitement - I hope you like it!!


Albert Henderson
Anne Seymour
Benicio Del Toro
David Byrd
Dustin Diamond
Dustin Poirier
Frances Bay
Franco Columbu
Jack Murdock
Jay Robinson
Jeffrey R. Shaw
Kenneth Tobey
Kevin B. Kaplowitz
Kevin Peter Hall
Kris Kristofferson
Leo Gordon
Lynne Marie Stewart
Marie Hawkins
Mary Jackson
Molly Ann Carter
Myka Peck
Paul Reubens
Penelope Ann Miller
Pennie-Marie Hawkins
Shea Joachim
Stephanie Hodge
Susan Tyrrell
Valeria Golino
Wayne White



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