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Just One of the Guys

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90 Minutes


She's 18. She's great-looking. And now Terry Grifith is about to set off an epidemic of comic hysteria when she enrolls in a new high school... as Just One of the Guys! Terry (Joyce Hyser) blames sexism after her journalism teacher refuses to enter her article in a competition to win a summer internship on the local newspaper. With the help of her kid brother, Buddy (Billy Jacoby), she masquerades as a male at a rival school and enters the contest there. During her charade, "Terry the Boy" tangles with a vicious bully, Greg (William Zabka), and fends off an amorous classmate, Sandy (Sherilyn Fenn). But when she falls for a handsome loner, Rick (Clayton Rohner), our hero/heroine must find a way to convince him that she's not Just One of the Guys!


Anthony Galde
Arye Gross
Billy Jayne
Brian Melrose
Clayton Rohner
Deborah Goodrich
Don Blanton
Emily Ragsdale
Frank Sprague
J. Williams
John Apicella
Joseph Finsterwald
Joyce Hyser
Katy Boyer
Kenneth Tigar
Kim Norwitz
Kim Studer
Leigh Mccloskey
Linda Kelly
Mickey Guinn
Ramon Chavez
Randy Mooers
Richard Blake
Robert Fieldsteel
Sherilyn Fenn
Stacy Blythe
Steven Basil
Stuart Charno
Toni Hudson
Troy Clegg
William Zabka



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