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119 Minutes


Three years after leaving the police force, Will Graham is begged by an old colleague to return, to help track down a murderer who operates on the full moon and has murdered two entire families. Endowed with a sixth sense, Graham has never used conventional ways to find psychopaths. Instead, he has developed a method which is dangerous for his own mental health for it allows him to be accepted by people with deranged minds and enables him to construct a path that will lead to the murderer.


Alexandra Neil
Annie Mcenroe
Benjamin Hendrickson
Bill Cwikowski
Bill Smitrovich
Brian Cox
Brian Kelly
Bryant Arrants
Charles Yarbaugh
Chris Cianciolo
Chris Elliott
Christopher Arrants
Cynthia Chvatal
Dan Butler
Dana Dewey
Daniel T. Snow
David Allen Brooks
David Fitzsimmons
David Meeks
David Seaman
Dawn Carmen
Dennis Farina
Dennis Quick
Elisabeth Ryall
Frankie Faison
Garcelle Beauvais
Gary Chavaras
Greg Kelly
Gusmano Cesaretti
Hannah Caggiano
Jason Frair
Jim Zubiena
Joan Allen
Joanne Camp
John Posey
Keith Pyles
Ken Colquit
Kim Greist
Kin Shriner
King White
Kristin Holby
La Winters
Leonard Johnson
Lindsey Fonora
Marshall Bell
Melody Gold
Melvin Clark
Michael D. Roberts
Michael Russell
Michael Talbott
Michael Vitug
Michele Shay
Mickey Lloyd
Mickey Pugh
Norman Snow
Pat Williams
Patricia Charbonneau
Paul Perri
Peter Maloney
Renee Ayala
Robert A. Burton
Robin Moseley
Robin Trapp
Ron Fitzgerald
Ryan Langhorne
Sherman Michaels
Stephen Hawkins
Stephen Lang
Steve Hogan
Tom Noonan
William Petersen



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