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The Playroom

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83 Minutes


The grownups are acting like children and the kids have to grow up fast in THE PLAYROOM, an unnerving family drama that captures the exhilaration and perversity of the freewheeling '70s. Oscar-nominee John Hawkes and Molly Parker star as Martin and Donna Cantwell, a flawed suburban couple trying to navigate the sexual revolution, with the help of a neighboring couple and a bottle of scotch. The story unfolds through the eyes of the four Cantwell children, as they search for some stability in the face of their parents' crumbling marriage. The eldest, Maggie (newcomer Olivia Harris) gathers her younger siblings in their attic hideaway, weaving strange tales of escape and adventure to mask the twisted intrigue developing downstairs. But at sixteen, Maggie is too old for bedtime stories--before the night is over she must confront the truth and make a terrible choice.


Alexandra Doke
Cody Linley
Ian Veteto
John Hawkes
Jonathan Brooks
Jonathon Mcclendon
Lydia Mackay
Molly Parker
Olivia Harris



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