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99 Minutes


Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween, True Lies) faces a new, unstoppable terror in this science fiction chiller from the producer of Aliens, Terminator 2 and Tremors. Curtis plays the navigator of a tugboat crew which loses its cargo during a hurricane. In the calm eye of the storm, they come across a Russian research ship floating dead on the water. Boarding the vessel, they initially believe it to be deserted - but they soon realize they're not alone. First, they discover a terrified survivor (Joanna Pacula, Tombstone), and then they find that the ship has been taken over by a ruthless alien intelligence. Now, the small band must fight for their lives against a force that has come to claim Earth for its own, and creates bio-mechanical monstrosities with one goal: eliminating the virus called humans.


Cliff Curtis
David Eggby
Donald Sutherland
Jamie Lee Curtis
Joanna Pacuła
Julio Oscar Mechoso
Keith Flippen
Levan Uchaneishvili
Marshall Bell
Olga Rzhepetskaya-Retchin
Sherman Augustus
William Baldwin
Yuri Chervotkin



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