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Air Force One

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124 Minutes


The fate of the nation rests on the courage of one man. Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman star in two-time Oscar® nominee Wolfgang Petersen's gripping thriller about an uncompromising U.S. President who has just told the world he will not negotiate with terrorists. When Russian neo-nationalists hijack Air Force One, the world's most secure and extraordinary aircraft, the President is faced with a nearly impossible decision to give in to terrorist demands or sacrifice not only the country's dignity, but the lives of his wife and daughter.


Alex Veadov
Andrew Divoff
Bill Smitrovich
Boris Lee Krutonog
Brian Libby
Carl Weintraub
Chris Howell
Dan Shor
David Gianopoulos
David Vadim
Dean Stockwell
Diana Bellamy
Don Mcmanus
Donna Bullock
E.E. Bell
Elester Latham
Elya Baskin
Fenton Lawless
Gary Oldman
Glenn Close
Glenn Morshower
Harrison Ford
Ilia Volok
Jürgen Prochnow
Levan Uchaneishvili
Liesel Matthews
Michael Monks
Michael Ray Miller
Oleg Taktarov
Paul Guilfoyle
Philip Baker Hall
Spencer Garrett
Thom Barry
Tom Everett
Wendy Crewson
Willard E. Pugh
William H. Macy
Xander Berkeley



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