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Inside Out

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93 Minutes


AJ (WWE Superstar Paul "Triple H" Levesque) always wanted a nice, quiet life. For the past 13 years, his best friend Jack (Michael Rapaport, True Romance) has been living it for him. Now, after paying his debt, AJ is finally coming home - but he's about to learn getting out of prison doesn't mean you're free. When Jack finds himself in the crosshairs of the local crime boss. AJ must revisit the sins of his past to protect the people he loves. Parker Posey (Best in Show), Julie White (Transformers) and Bruce Dern (Big Love) co-star in this explosive story that proves sometimes the only way out is back in.


Allen Boudreaux
Bruce Dern
Danny Epper
Edward Cummings
J.D. Evermore
James Dumont
Jency Griffin
John Chambers
John Chambers
Juli Erickson
Julie White
Michael Cudlitz
Michael Rapaport
Mike Agresta
Parker Posey
Paul Michael Lévesque



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