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Deuces Wild

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96 Minutes


Leon and Bobby are brothers who, with their friends, are determined to maintain the way of life in their neighborhood. They are "The Deuces," trying to keep things the way they are. Loyalty means everything to them, and protecting friends and family is their main priority. Now, when a violent gang threatens to destroy their neighborhood, the Deuces are forced to fight to shield the world they know from becoming a world they want no part of. As the violence escalates and relationships are tested, the Deuces are forced to face how far they're willing to go to keep their lives safe and true.


Balthazar Getty
Brad Renfro
Debbie Harry
Drea De Matteo
Fairuza Balk
Frankie Muniz
James Franco
Johnny Knoxville
Joshua Leonard
Louis Lombardi
Matt Dillon
Max Perlich
Mel Rodriguez
Nancy Cassaro
Norman Reedus
Stephen Dorff
Vincent Pastore



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