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Anatomy 2

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101 Minutes


In the research department of Berlin's most prestigious hospital, a centuries- old secret society is once again operating outside the rules of medical science - and the laws of nature. This time Anti-Hippocratics are led by a renowned neurosurgeon bent on developing the first synthetic body parts - at all costs. Assisted by a handpicked team of ambitious medical students, the doctor is close to achieving his ruthless dream - until an inquisitive young intern and a relentless investigator (Franka Potente, Run Lola Run) discover the deadly truth about the team's experiments. Now, this terrifying body of information could cost them their lives in this chilling sequel to the acclaimed suspense thriller, Anatomy.


August Diehl
Barnaby Metschurat
Boris Pietsch
Felix Kramer
Frank Giering
Franka Potente
Hanno Koffler
Heike Makatsch
Herbert Knaup
Joachim Bißmeier
Roman Knizka
Rosel Zech
Rosie Alvarez
Sebastian Nakajew
Wotan Wilke Möhring



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