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96 Minutes


Soon after causing some ripples in the publishing world with his first novel, emerging writer Olly Pickering (Townsend) wanders wayward and is forced to accept a dead-end position as a lowly assistant. Though it initially appears as if he has entered into a downward spiral from which he isn't likely to emerge anytime soon, Olly finds his luck taking a turn for the better upon meeting the lovely Sarah (Smart) at the engagement party of a close friend. After discovering that Sarah is in fact the fiancée of his philandering friend and the pair have requested that Olly serve as the best man in the upcoming wedding, the dejected writer determines to convince the unsuspecting Sarah that she is about to marry the wrong man. With a little help from his wacky roommate Murray (Green), Olly may be able to put the breaks on the impending nuptials and prove his undying love for Sarah before she makes a mistake she is likely to regret for the rest of her life.


Akia Henry
Amy Smart
Anna Chancellor
Burn Gorman
Daniel Mays
David Oyelowo
Jane How
Janine Wood
Jodhi May
Kate Ashfield
Keara Murphy
Lili Bordan
Lili Bordán
Linda Fekete
Martin Hancock
Máté Haumann
Matt Devere
Peter Capaldi
Philip Jackson
Ray Coulthard
Richard Durden
Seth Green
Simon Callow
Stewart Wright
Stuart Townsend
Tom Ellis



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