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Operation: Endgame

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82 Minutes


Miles beneath the streets of Los Angeles lies the heavily fortified headquarters of 'The Factory,' an elite espionage cell unacknowledged by the U.S. government, staffed by unofficial covert operatives, and balanced by competing teams of lethal killers. But when a rogue agent murders their boss, the facility's lockdown self-destruct mechanism is instantly activated. Now the clock is ticking, the only escape route is unknown, and our nation's most eccentric assassins have been given their final order: Terminate each other on sight. Zach Galifianakis (THE HANGOVER), Rob Corddry (HOT TUB TIME MACHINE), Ellen Barkin (OCEAN'S THIRTEEN), Ving Rhames (PULP FICTION), Emile de Ravin (LOST), Maggie Q (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III), Adam Scott (PARTY DOWN) and Jeffrey Tambor (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT) star in this savage action comedy about issues of national security, violent uses for office supplies, and the explosive mission codenamed Operation: Endgame.


Adam Scott
Beth Grant
Bob Odenkirk
Brandon T. Jackson
Ellen Barkin
Emilie De Ravin
Jeffrey Tambor
Maggie Q
Michael Hitchcock
Odette Annable
Rob Corddry
Tim Bagley
Ving Rhames
Zach Galifianakis



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