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Alien Lockdown

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When an alien life force crashed to Earth, Its deadly secret remained dormant for thousands of years patiently waiting the evolution of human knowledge to unlock its horror. Now, a deranged scientist has broken the code and a billion mutant life forms have begun spawning the ultimate creature of destruction. Growing beyond control, the blood thirsty alien killer is on a murderous rampage, growing more powerful with every life it takes. It is up to a top-secret swat team, led buy a beautiful assassin, to engage the unthinkable enemy and save mankind. Locked down in a clandestine containment facility buried deep beneath a glacier, they're using all the firepower they've got in a desperate battle for their lives and their future. But they're about to discover this beast is a real mother . . . one who will so anything to protect her young. It's time to prey.


Atanas Srebrev
David Kallaway
James Marshall
John Savage
Martin Kove
Michelle Goh
Nathan Perez
Stanislav Dimitrov
T.M. Van Ostrand



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