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102 Minutes


When an enlisted woman goes AWOL, navy police officers (aka "Chasers") are sent after her. But they get in way over their heads during the ever-eventful trip with her back to the base. Tom Berenger ("Training Day," "Last of the Dogmen"), Erika Eleniak ("Bordello of Blood," "The Beverly Hillbillies") and William McNamara ("Stag," "Copycat") star in the movie that The Los Angeles Times says "combines wit and sophistication... a deft mix of slapstick, sharp repartee and sentiment." Directed by Dennis Hopper ("The Hot Spot," "Easy Rider"), and featuring cameos by Gary Busey ("Soldier"), Crispin Glover ("Charlie's Angels"), Dean Stockwell (TV's "Quantum Leap") and Marilu Henner ("L.A. Story").


Bitty Schram
Crispin Glover
Dean Stockwell
Dennis Hopper
Erika Eleniak
Frederic Forrest
Gary Busey
Grand L. Bush
Jim Grimshaw
Marilu Henner
Matthew Glave
Scott Marlowe
Seymour Cassel
Tom Berenger
William Mcnamara



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