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106 Minutes


In this futuristic thriller, "designer people"-forged in test tubes-rule society, and carefully engineered genetics determine a person's life. Ethan Hawke stars as Vincent Freeman, a young man labeled an "In-Valid" because he was conceived not in the lab, but in love. Determined to achieve his goals, he buys an identity from a DNA broker, changing places with genetically perfect but paralyzed Jerome (Jude Law). Altering his appearance and hiding his imperfections, Vincent rises through the ranks of the Gattaca Corporation while he begins a love affair with beautiful co-worker Irene (Uma Thurman). He is on the verge of fulfilling his dream of interplanetary space exploration when the director of the space agency is murdered and the attendant investigation threatens to expose his counterfeit life.


Alan Arkin
Blair Underwood
Carlton Benbry
Chad Christ
Clarence Graham
Cynthia Martells
Dean Norris
Elias Koteas
Elizabeth Dennehy
Ernest Borgnine
Ethan Hawke
Gabrielle Reece
George Marshall Ruge
Gore Vidal
Grace Sullivan
Jayne Brook
Jude Law
Ken Marino
Lindsey Ginter
Loren Dean
Mason Gamble
Maya Rudolph
Russell Milton
Ryan Dorin
Steve Bessen
Stewart Wolmark
Tony Shalhoub
Uma Thurman
Una Damon
Vincent Nielson
William Lee Scott
Xander Berkeley



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