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133 Minutes


An exciting look behind the scenes at the thrills and high-stakes competition of TV's hottest big-money game show! But fame and fortune become a hotbed of scandal when a Washington investigator (Rob Morrow) uncovers corruption beneath the quiz show's glittering facade. The scandal implicates both the wildly popular champion (Ralph Fiennes) and the disgruntled ex-champ (John Turturro).


Allan Rich
Barry Levinson
Ben Shenkman
Bruce Altman
Byron Jennings
Christopher Mcdonald
David Paymer
Debra Monk
Elizabeth Wilson
Ernie Sabella
George Martin
Grace Phillips
Griffin Dunne
Hank Azaria
Harriet Sansom Harris
Illeana Douglas
Jack Gilpin
Jerry Grayson
Johann Carlo
John Turturro
Joseph Blaire
Mario Cantone
Martin Scorsese
Matt Keeslar
Michael Mantell
Mira Sorvino
Paul Guilfoyle
Paul Scofield
Ralph Fiennes
Rob Morrow
Timothy Britten Parker
Timothy Busfield



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