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2012: Ice Age

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91 Minutes


When a volcanic eruption in Greenland sends a glacier hurtling toward North America, BILL HART (Patrick Labyorteaux), along with his wife TERI (Julie McCullough), and son NELSON (Nick Afanasiev), must make a death-defying escape from their Maine home as the giant iceberg crashes through New England. The Harts must find daughter JULIA (Katie Wilson) in the chaotic streets of New York before the city is wiped out by the onrushing glacier. And as a new Ice Age settles over the eastern sea board, their path is made all the more treacherous by blinding snowstorms and lethal gales of flying ice.


Gerald Webb
Jesse Daly
Julie Mccullough
Katie Wilson
Kyle Morris
Nick Afanasiev
Paton Ashbrook
Rae Latt
Sean Cory
Ted Monte



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