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King of the Gypsies

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112 Minutes


Frank Pierson's energetic and ambitious film, King of the Gypsies, fascinating saga of three generations of a violent gypsy family, Eric Roberts makes an impressive screen debut as Dave, grandson of the aging King Zharko, who is chosen by him to lead the gypsy clan at his death. Dave's only inclination is to join the American mainstream, but he knows that the mantle of gypsy power cannot be taken lightly or denied. Based on the best-selling non-fiction book by Peter Mass (author of The Valachi Papers and Serpico), King of the Gypsies is a compelling and realistic depiction of life inside the mysterious gypsy culture.


Alice Drummond
Annette O'Toole
Annie Potts
Antonia Rey
Brooke Shields
Eric Roberts
Joe Zaloom
Judd Hirsch
Michael V. Gazzo
Shelley Winters
Stephen Mendillo
Sterling Hayden
Susan Sarandon



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