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The Palm Beach Story

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88 Minutes


The captivating Claudette Colbert stars as the frustrated wife of struggling engineer Joel McCrea. In a seemingly amicable agreement, Colbert hops a train to Palm Beach where divorces come easy. Desperate to escape a group of obnoxious millionaires on the train to Florida, Colbert hides out in a sleeping car where she meets, unbeknownst to her, one of the world's richest men (Rudy Vallee) who is relentless in his attempt to romance her. Upon their arrival in Palm Beach, Colbert is met by her husband who has come to claim her back only to find that Vallee's man-crazy sister (Mary Astor) is after him! The foursome's story unfolds through intensely humorous dialogue, flirtatious situations and a splendid soundtrack.


Fred 'Snowflake' Toones
Al Bridge
Arthur Hoyt
Arthur Stuart Hull
Charles R. Moore
Chester Conklin
Claudette Colbert
Dewey Robinson
Esther Howard
Frank Moran
Franklin Pangborn
Harry Rosenthal
Jack Norton
Jimmy Conlin
Joel Mccrea
Mary Astor
Robert Dudley
Robert Greig
Robert Warwick
Roscoe Ates
Rudy Vallée
Sheldon Jett
Sig Arno
Torben Meyer
Victor Potel
William Demarest



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