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111 Minutes


Vanessa Hudgens, Aly Michalka, Gaelan Connell and Lisa Kudrow star in a comedy about following dreams and doing what scares you. Ultra-popular Charlotte (Michalka) is determined to face-off against her ex at the country's biggest music competition. She just needs a band. Newcomer Will (Connell) knows more about musicians than anyone. He just needs a friend. And, rebel guitar player Sa5m (Hudgens) has a wicked voice but needs someone to believe in her. Together, this unlikely trio will take on Bandslam in a way no one thought possible.


Aaron Lemke
Aly Michalka
Andrew Glen Rector
Benjamin Kessler
Blair Bomar
Bobby Bones
Bryan Chafin
Candice Jackson
Casey Williams
Cassidy Johnson
Chance Morgan
Charlie Saxton
Chris Copeland
Chris Ritchie
David Bowie
Derek Cox-Berg
Elvy Yost
Evan Butts
Farah White
Gaelan Connell
J.W. Wright
James Hairston
Jennifer Blaire
Joey Olivares
Jonathan Rice
Joshua Montoya
Juan Lopez
Julian Riano
Kai Roach
Krystal Morton
Landon Henninger
Lisa Chung
Lisa Kudrow
Maggie Maye
Manjeri Krishna
Marley Whistler
Matt Hensarling
Matt Moody
Michael Cuomo
Nadia Sahari
Nathan Mccray
Nikka Graff Lanzarone
Rebecca Petro
Ryan Ciardo
Ryan Donowho
Scott Porter
Tim Jo
Todd Graff
Valin Zamarron
Vanessa Hudgens
Will Johnson
Wyatt Adams
Zach Thatcher



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