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Empire of the Wolves

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128 Minutes


Anna Heymes (Arly Jover) suffers from amnesia and terrifying hallucinations. Discovering scars on her scalp, Anna's convinced her face has been reconstructed, but by whom? Meanwhile, three women, all illegal Turkish immigrants, have been found sadistically murdered in a Paris suburb. Called in to investigate is Jean-Louis Schiffer (Jean Reno), a disgraced police detective. At first believing the murders to be the work of the Turkish Mafia, Schiffer soon realizes a deadly right-wing terrorist organization, the Gray Wolves, is behind the crimes. Plotting to expand the Turkish Empire, the terrorists are looking for Heymes, a woman with a secret past that links her to the murders.


Albert Dray
Arly Jover
Aurélie Meriel
Corentin Koskas
Didier Sauvegrain
Élodie Navarre
Etienne Chicot
Jean Reno
Jean-Pierre Martins
Jocelyn Quivrin
Laura Morante
Patrick Floersheim
Philippe Bas
Philippe Du Janerand
Vernon Dobtcheff



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