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Ultimate manly man Arnold Schwarzenegger learns what it's like to be an expectant mother in director Ivan Reitman's high-concept comedy. Schwarzenegger plays Dr. Hess, a medical researcher working on a revolutionary drug to help mothers carry endangered infants to term. When government regulations prevent Dr. Hess from testing the drug through normal channels, his partner Dr. Arbogast (Danny DeVito) develops an unorthodox solution: they will steal a female egg and implant it in Hess, who will carry the child himself. Predictably, much of the subsequent humor centers on the incongruous sight of the muscular Schwarzenegger undergoing the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, from morning sickness to labor pains. Emma Thompson returns to her comic roots and provides romantic interest as an incorrigibly clumsy but intelligent scientist who catches on to Hess' deception. Reitman, Schwarzenegger, and DeVito had previously had a hit with Twins (1988), which revolved around a similarly ludicrous medical premise, but they failed to repeat that film's success here, as audiences largely ignored the film and reviewers criticized the humor as disappointingly obvious.


Aida Turturro
Alexander Enberg
Allen Walls
Anna Gunn
Antoinette Peragine
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Beth Campbell Fitzgerald
Brandon Ross
Brianna Mcconnell
Brittany Mcconnell
Bubba Dean Rambo
Cassandra Wilson
Charles Mcgowan
Charmaine Alicia Mancil
Christopher Meloni
Christopher Pray
Danny Devito
Daryl Richardson
Dayna Winston
Dean Jacobson
Dee Hengstler
Dennis O'Donnell
Ellen Mclaughlin
Emma Thompson
Frank Langella
Fred Stoller
Fred Stoller
Holly Wortell
Ira Newborn
James Eckhouse
Jan Yanehiro
Jerald Vincent
Jodi Knotts
John Pinette
John Yang
Judy Collins
Judy Ovitz
Julie Nunis
Kathleen Chalfant
Kevin Sifuentes
Kevin West
Kim Wolfe
Lawrence T. Wrentz
Lawrence Tierney
Leah Teweles
Lisa Summerour
Maggie Han
Maggy Myers Davidson
Mary Gordon Murray
Matt Mulhern
Maurice Schwartzman
Megan Cavanagh
Merle Kennedy
Michele Abrams
Mindy Seeger
Misa Koprova
Monika Schnarre
Pamela Reed
Peter Chen
Ryan Doss
Sara Peery
Stefan Gierasch
Steven 'Lance' Carter
Susan Dills
Tom Dugan
Welker White
Zachary Doss



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