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A Bullet for Sandoval

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105 Minutes


After his girlfriend dies in childbirth, Confederate deserter John Warner (George Hilton) travels to Mexico, where the woman's father, Don Pedro Sandoval (Ernest Borgnine), grudgingly hands over his child. But with no locals willing to provide milk, the baby dies. Rounding up a group of rebels, Warner goes on a rampage through northern Mexico, with the ultimate goal of taking down Sandoval in this gritty Western.


Adalberto Rossetti
Alberto De Mendoza
Alfonso Rojas
Andrea Aureli
Andrés Mejuto
Ángel Menéndez
Annabella Incontrera
Antonio Molino Rojo
Antonio Pica
Charly Bravo
Claudio Trionfi
Dan Van Husen
Ernest Borgnine
George Hilton
George Rigaud
Gustavo Rojo
José Guardiola
José Manuel Martín
Leo Anchóriz
Luis Barboo
Manuel De Blas
Manuel Miranda
Mary Paz Pondal



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